Epoxy garage floors are becoming more popular. Full broadcast Epoxy Garage Floor Residential epoxy garage floors have become increasingly popular. After all many people use the garage as the main entry to their house. Even when guests come over they tend to enter through the garage. So having a nice epoxy garage floor makes the garage appear so much cleaner and brighter. Epoxy garage floors are easy to clean and minimizes a lot of dirt that enters the house. I get calls weekly of people shopping price for epoxy garage floors. People ask all the time why prices for epoxy garage floors vary so much.  I have been in the industry for over 15 years,  I will shed some light on the reason why epoxy garage floor prices vary from one company to the next. You see, not all epoxy garage floors are created equal, nor are the installers. Epoxies typically come in either "solids" or "water based." Epoxies sometimes have solvents or other components added to them that can evaporate into the air. Some epoxies yellow almost over night. The most common issue though is epoxies failing due to hot tire pull-off. So without a chemistry degree,here are a few simple things a homeowner can look for when shopping for an epoxy garage floor. Most importantly is preparation. If the company you are looking to hire does not diamond grind the concrete floor you are almost guaranteed hot tire pull-off. Even brand new concrete should be ground. Concrete needs to have a profile to it so the epoxy can "bite" to it. This can not be achieved by just acid etching alone. Grinding also removes contaminates that could be bond breakers. Something as simple as an oily salad dressing or the grease from a pizza could interfere with the epoxy bonding process. Diamond grinding insures the surface will be clean. Next is the solids content of epoxy. Just like everything manufacturers will dilute epoxy with solvents and other additives that are less expensive than the epoxy resins. This can be seen in the solids content on the container. A quality epoxy will have 100% solids vs say 80% solids. That means if 1 gallon of epoxy is put on the garage floor when the epoxy dries one gallon will still be on the floor. If you have 80% solids that means 20% of that gallon evaporated into the air. A water based epoxy really has no place in a garage with vehicular traffic. However, some installers will use water based epoxy. Water based epoxy has a high coverage rate and is less expensive than a quality epoxy resin. Warranty should be a consideration A company should be able to provide an extended warranty on an epoxy garage floor. A five or ten year warranty against hot tire pull off is recommended.  Remember though, any warranty is only as good as the company behind it.  If the company has only been in business 6 months well...  Concepts in Concrete uses the same epoxy resins and polyasprtic in a residential garage that it would use in a commercial garage. We even use the same epoxy in a warehouse with heavy forklift traffic. The reason is that the epoxy garage floor will easily hold up to cars pulling in and backing out. Our epoxy floors will also hold up to gas or oil spills. So to summarize there is a difference in grades of epoxy that are available for epoxy garage floors. Garage Floors The epoxy used in the "do-it-yourself" kit from the box store are typically about 80% solids. These epoxies offer high coverage results like 250/gallon. If the floor inst properly prepped than no epoxy will bond well. If a company will not  warranty a residential garage beyond a year there is a problem. Stay tuned for more blogs on the benefits of epoxy garage floors. We will also go into depth on the difference between Epoxy and Polyaspartic. In the meantime, if you would like more information on Epoxy Garage floors feel free to text or  call at 215-869-8911 or shoot us an email. We service Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, South Jersey, Central New Jersey and the Jersey shore.

March 12, 2019

January 23, 2019

While mechanically polished concrete floors have been around for decades, this sustainable and durable flooring option has seen a massive influx in popularity over the past few years. This enormous growth in demand and usage is partly due to improved grinding technique...

January 6, 2017

Epoxy Floors for Philadelphia warehouse

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Back in March 2014, Carl Ballinger from Carl R Ballinger Design Studio in Philadelphia reached out to Concepts in Concrete in Bristol, Pennsylvania and started describing a floor that seemed to be impossible to put into concrete to say the least. It was a custom design...

August 26, 2014

Concepts in Concrete was recently asked to design a floor for one of the most prestigious  fraternity house on the campus of University of Pennsylvania. We chose to do a Reflector epoxy floor. Epoxy floors are perfect for an enviorenment where cleaning is not the most...

May 1, 2013

Epoxy gage floors are becoming a must have. Epoxy floors are durable, colorful and easy to maintain. If an epoxy garage floor is installed properly you can expect at least 10 years or longer out of it. Epoxy garage floors must be installed properly with the right mater...

May 1, 2013

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May 1, 2013

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